Halifax Christmas Children and Pet Parade

Story by Kendra Morris
Photos provided by Sharon Blosser

Sadly, this event has been canceled for 2021.

Have you ever watched a young child create something with Legos or some other type of material, and it made you smile? Or have you seen a child laugh because of something they saw or said, and it made you laugh? That is what happens at the Halifax Christmas Parade.

The town of Halifax is happy to announce the return of the Children’s Christmas Parade, which will be held on Dec. 5, 2021. Line up starts at 5:30 p.m. at the Halifax Farmers Market, and the parade will start at 6 p.m. For 10 years, children of all ages have been a part of this special event. After an unsettling cancellation due to COVID-19 in 2020, the organizers of this Christmas-time event are delighted to return and invite the communities of South Boston, Halifax, and Roxboro to be a part of a fun-filled evening.

Marsha Hite and Denise Barksdale, the organizers of this event, wanted to create a night that involves kids and their imagination. Marsha said, “There weren't a lot of things for kids to do in the community... This parade gives children a chance to get involved in a hands-on experience and show their creativity in a new way.”

In the parade, children have the opportunity to use small things, such as a cardboard box, pull-behind wagons, and other colorful materials to create their floats according to their liking. Children can also bring their pets to walk alongside them in the parade. Children and pets, or a favorite plush pet, can dress for the holidays. Parents and teens are welcome to get involved in this, too. What makes this event exciting is that each float entered will be judged at the end, and there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. So, kids can work hard to present a wonderful float and look forward to possibly obtaining a special prize.

When the parade first started in 2011, it was small -- only five floats were entered. But over the years, it has expanded to 15 or 16 floats every year. Marsha said that this event has not grown or expanded as much as organizers hoped. Word about the Christmas parade has not gotten out to enough people, and Marsha hopes that will change. Marsha and Denise want more kids to be involved in this night. And they both hope that a crowd will show up this year to support the kids and have a fun evening watching the children’s creativity come to life.

Those who wish to enter and be a part of the event, or would like more information about the parade should call Marsha at (434) 470-1211 or Denise at (434) 222-6604. It is OK to come the night of the parade and enter a float.  Organizers hope many children will be a part of this unique event and that a good crowd will show up.

Kendra Morris is a high school graduate seeking to use her time wisely and hoping to learn and grow in this life journey. She hopes to impact others with love and acts of kindness in every season of life that she may walk through.