Why You Need To Advertise With Hyco Lake, SoBo Halifax & River City Area Magazines


We Get Your Ad Noticed!

Hyco Lake Magazine and SoBo Halifax Magazine are all about Content, Content, Content!
A publication has to have great stories that folks are excited to read.
Otherwise they may flip through it once then toss it in the trash.
Not so with SoBo Halifax and Hyco Lake Magazines!

This is how we get your ad noticed...

  1. Hyco Lake Magazine, SoBo Halifax Magazine & River City Area Magazine target your potential customers who live and play in the Hyco Lake Region!
    (Person County, NC | Halifax County, VA | Caswell County, NC | Danville, VA)
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  2. Our Magazines have a looooong shelf life!
    Unlike newspapers, Hyco Lake, SoBo Halifax & River City Area Magazine lives on and on. A single copy of the newspaper may get you one or two readers attention.
    Hyco Lake Magazine, SoBo Halifax & River City Area Magazine comes out 4 times a year in full color glossy paper with stories from all over the Hyco Lake Region. Instead of going in the trash a day or two after printing, each copy of this publication is picked up and leafed through by several folks.
    In fact, many readers collect each issue and leave them on their coffee table for guests!
  3. Dozens of captivating stories!
    Most local and regional publications provide only a few articles. Since spring of  2018, our magazines averages closer to two dozen stories in each issue.
    This ensures that there is something for everyone. Even more important, most readers flip through our magazines again and again!
  4. Spectacular photography!
    Professional and amateur photographers provide our readers with the eye candy they crave.
  5. Our magazines are mailed to nearly 15,500 homes and businesses in the Hyco Lake Region.
    (Person County, NC | Halifax County, VA | Caswell County, NC | Danville, VA)
    This includes home and property owners of Hyco and Mayo lake no matter how far away they live.
  6. 7,500+ FREE copies of each issue of our magazines are made available for pick up at businesses all around the Hyco Lake Region.
    There are 270+ popular places to Pick Up A Copy!
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  7. Our magazines are very active on social media…
    At least one Facebook and Instagram post is created on our business pages for each print ad.
  8. All current print ads randomly appear in the stories on all 3 of our websites… AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!
    Our website averages more than 100 hits per day and is growing quickly in popularity!
    Click here then scroll to the end of the story for an example.
  9. Our professionally trained "graphic artist / ad designer" with decades of experience can create your ad at NO ADDITIONAL COST!
    The ads in our magazines are every bit as eye catching as our photography!
    Check out some of them: Our Advertisers!
  10. Subscriptions to Hyco Lake Magazine, SoBo Halifax Magazine & River City Area Magazine are FREE!
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  11. Our mission statement says it all:

Enhancing our community
with interesting stories, beautiful photography, and information,
while bringing together residents and local merchants.

No other local advertising media offers you...

  • Print ad in a beloved regional magazine,
  • Mailed FREE to regional homes and businesses,
  • Social media coverage,
  • and Website ads,

...all included in print publications, social media and a website sought by locals and visitors!

Call or email if you are interested…
I promise, you will never get a hard sales pitch đŸ˜‰

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